Grimshaw is founded on analysis and exploration.


We’re driven by a desire to connect people to each other and the world around us through our architecture.


We recognise the urgency of the challenges that face our planet, and our duty to deliver architecture and design best suited for a flourishing future.

Grimshaw’s mission has always been to deliver lasting, meaningful design that brings value and joy to clients and users. Building on this history, the practice aspires to design net zero carbon ready buildings by 2025 and to deliver socially and environmentally regenerative buildings by 2030.


Grimshaw’s international portfolio covers all major sectors and has been honoured with over 200 international design awards for its commitment to design excellence.

Award Highlights

Royal Institute of British Architects Awards
American Institute of Architects Awards
Australian Institute of Architects Awards
Awards in Total

Grimshaw’s global leadership structure underpins the practice’s continued success and evolution. Steering the company at every level from project design through to core company philosophy, the leadership structure is comprised of Associates, Associate Principals, Principals, and Partners.