Istanbul Grand Airport

  • Location

    Istanbul, Turkey
  • size

    1 000 000 m2
  • Budget

    €14 billion/RMB108 billion
  • Client

    IGA Havalimanı Isletmesi A.S
  • Year


This grand gateway to Istanbul and Turkey is a modern, highly efficient airport that captures the rich cultural influences of the historic city. Grimshaw’s design, in collaboration with an international architectural team, for the Istanbul New Airport creates a six-runway development on the Black Sea coast.

The terminal is organized to give passengers a coherent transition from landside to airside in an environment that is light, spacious and easy to navigate.

Arranged over two and a half levels, with a generous central hall connecting to piers at each end, the simplicity of its organization and ease of navigation belies its size – it will be the largest airport in the world.

Serving up to 150 million passengers annually once all phases are complete, the project creates a memorable sense of arrival.

The design draws on the architectural character of Istanbul – a city rich with colour, pattern and history since its Byzantine origins – and includes vaulted ceilings pierced with skylights that draw in diffuse daylight and create an open, lofty volume with clear lines of sight. Focused beams of sunlight illuminate key areas in the terminal, such as check-in, security, customs and retail areas.